As I type this it looks like many of you have not yet committed to leaving the base camp, or figuring out how to use your equipment. But many others are slogging on! As one of you said, perfectly, ‘I am technologically unequipped.’ But that’s a belief, and fundamentally a false belief. You have the equipment before you now: all that’s required it the will to learn to use it. You won’t have full and perfect knowledge the first day and how could it be any other way. But if you start now, in a little while you will have more knowledge and skill. That’s what we call learning!

Here’s some guidance for today and tomorrow.

  1. Check the Events calendar early and often. You can save any event there onto your own Google Calendar. If it were me, I’d save all of them to my personal calendar. 
  2. Every day on the calendar has two possible events: one synchronous telling you where you have to be somewhere virtually during the class time. And another asynchronous, telling you the work you need to do today on your own, before the next synchronous meeting.
  3. For now, all the written and other academic work for the class will take place on Discourse. So there’s no getting around learning how to use Discourse!
  4. Discord is a place to chat and talk. If you have questions of me, or other students, ask them there. That’s also where we will conduct our small group meetings. 
  5. If you have a question about this blog, you can comment. Just click on the Discourse button at the bottom of the page. All these blog posts appear also on Discourse, and you can comment there. There’s a way to set up commenting right on this page, but I’m not sure how quite yet!  I will post the link also on Discord.

And that’s a wrap!