Question concerning technology project instructions

I wanted to clarify the instructions and the rationale for the different phases of the project.

  1. Individual project: Go to the Community category (which is a subcategory of edys102). Categories contain topics, which you will see listed below. I would like you to click the +New Topic button, and put your individual project in that container. Call it ‘<your name question concerning technology project.’ When it looks the way you want it to, click Create Topic, and now it will appear in the list on this page. For the individual project, think about 750 words as the maximum, if you’re writing, and 400 as the minimum. If you’re doing something other than writing, look for a level of time/effort roughly equivalent to the writing parameters.
  2. Reply to the topics posted by other members of your group: you’ll have to know who they are! While it’s great to be encouraging — you can also like their post with that little heart — the main goal of replying is to help the author think further and better, with the benefit of your outside observation. So ask questions, make comments. And remember, we are looking her for philosophy and history, related to educational technology.
  3. Read the replies you received for your project. Make revisions as you see fit. The more involved your revisions, the more cognitive presence you will be exhibiting! Just click the little pencil to open up your document container.
  4. Meet with your group on Monday, and talk about the work you’ve done individually, and figure out how to combine it into one presentation (in the form of a wiki) that addresses the question concerning technology. For Heidegger, remember, that meant ‘what is the essence of technology?’
  5. Put your contents into the wiki for your group. You should only be editing the wiki for your group, not any other groups. 
  6. Have a look at what other groups have done with their wikis. Reply to each of the three that don’t belong to, telling them what you learned and felt when you encountered their work

One purpose of this project is to provide a structure for you to engaged with this question concerning technology; another purpose is to begin to bring history and philosophy into contact with each other in your thinking and your authoring; one more purpose is to begin the process of creating a community of inquiry, within your group and within the class, with the corollary gains in social presence, cognitive presence, and teaching presence.


Discord for chat (and audio), Zoom for video-conferencing

We will switch all our synchronous video meetings from Discord to Discourse. Unfortunately the quality of the Discord video conferencing is not satisfactory! We will continue to use Discord as our main communication channel. Please make sure you’re receiving notifications or check often, so you can keep up with new announcements.

That means that someone in each group will need to host the Zoom meeting on Monday. Please confer amongst yourselves — please use your Discord group channel for this so that I can stay in the loop. Please post the invite in the Discord channel so that your TAs and me can also drop by.  

Affordances for audio

An ‘affordance’ is an environmental (or technological) feature that makes and action easier, more efficient, generally better. I would like to request an audio affordance, from you, for our video-conference meetings. My hearing is somewhat impaired, so when voices are quiet, muffled, indistinct, I have difficulty understanding. This may be more true for me that for others, but I know it’s also true for others, especially anyone whose first language is not English. Audio via Zoom is variable in quality, at best, because of bandwidth, lag, and other shortcomings of the present technology. Audio from students is variable in quality at best, because you all tend to mumble, whisper, and speak into your shirts. We can make ourselves more understandable by using microphone and headphones. The headphones are for you, the microphones are for everyone else! I would like to request that everyone use a microphone during Zoom meetings: I’m sure many of you already have the earbuds/mic combination, and maybe some of you gamers have headsets. An earbud/mic set can be purchased for around $20.

Please let me know if you have issues buying a new headset (or books) and I will see what we can do. I’m going to ask the college if they will pay for students in my classes, but I don’t know what will come of that. Thanks.

Please check the Events calendar!

There are assignments for today and onward. The newest podcast will be posted in early afternoon. I will be working on the schedule for our next unit — Plague — that begins on Wednesday.